Jul 2, 2008

The Convention. After Effi Briest.

fig. 1 - "That tyrannical social element, not concerned with charm or love... or the lapse of time".

He's always talking about himself. All his clauses, all his gestures. You watch him dancing under the dark, established steps, a sudden subtle wink, and he captivates you without spell.

It exists a rule, a label: the Convention.
Then the aim of avoid taking part in the crime, or the attempt to change its name.

The trick:

fig. 2 - "Is not You, God, punishing me. It is he...".

A sort of different levels register.

And the magic:

fig. 3 - "He's small and petty".

fig. 4 - "Everything that's petty is cruel".

fig. 5 - "He taught the child to behave like that".

The irony.

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